Tree Trimming Flushing, MI

You know the issue must be addressed. It’s time to remove the tree you ignored. Your wife is frustrated by the tree’s appearance, and your insurance company says it threatens your home. Should you do it yourself or hire professionals? This blog will help you assess seven factors to decide whether to DIY or hire a pro.

Complexity of the Task

First, assess job complexity. DIY tasks like pruning small branches or mulching may be possible to do yourself. These tasks require simple tools and basic tree care knowledge. However, complex tasks like removing a large tree or dealing with tall trees may require professional skills and equipment.

Safety Concerns

Safety is important. Tree watering and weed removal are safe tasks to do without professional help. However, climbing trees, using heavy machinery, or dealing with unstable trees should be done by professionals. They are trained and equipped to handle these risks.

Required Expertise

Consider expertise when choosing between DIY and professional tree care. Tree care, like identifying pests, may not be your forte. A professional’s knowledge is invaluable for diagnosing and treating complex issues. Professionals can assist you in identifying specific pests or the root cause of an issue. This will help you develop an effective treatment plan.

Availability of Tools and Equipment

Another factor is having the right tools and equipment. Common gardening tools support basic tree care. Professional equipment may be needed for larger tasks.

Time and effort

Next, assess task time and effort. Basic tree care may be a good fit if you have time and like working outdoors. However, if the job is larger and more complex, professionals may be able to finish the project faster.

Long-Term Impact

Regular maintenance keeps trees healthy and properties looking good. Professional care is often best for large or mature trees’ long-term health. Professional care can keep your trees healthy and beautiful.


Finally, consider costs. DIY tree care may seem cheaper initially. However, a bad job can cause costly issues. Professional services cost more up front, but their expertise ensures a good job the first time, saving you money over time.

If after reading this blog you are still unsure whether to grab your tools or call a professional.  Go ahead and give us a call.  At Tree Services by Pila Pros, we know trees! We can help you make the right decision.  Led by Colton Pila, our team brings precision, safety, and expertise to every project. We offer tree removal, trimming, and emergency services. We also clean up thoroughly after service, so your property looks great without any effort. Don’t make tree care difficult. Book a consultation to learn more about our services today. Your property and your trees deserve the best!

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